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You can add your company to the B2B directory in one of 3 ways. If you select our Standard PLUS+ or Featured Listing options, we guarantee your listing will be added within 7 days and you don't need to link back to us. Why should I add my company?

Find out more about Standard PLUS+ Listings

£19.99+VAT a year

  • We guarantee to add your listing within 7 days
  • You do not need to link back to us
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Find out more about Featured Listings

£49.99  Now £34.99+VAT a year

  • Appears above Standard PLUS+ Listings
  • Includes your logo, telephone no. & address
  • Multiple links to your website
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Create a Free Listing3. Standard Listings - Free! You can request a Standard Listing but it may take up to 6
months for us to review your request and you MUST link back to us from your website.


Listing Types Explained:

Standard & Standard PLUS+ Listings View an Example

Most of the business listings displayed on the UK B2B Directory are Standard Listings. However, many advertisers take advantage of our Standard PLUS+ service which guarantees that your business listing will be added within 7 days AND means that you don't need to link back to us from your own site - something you may have to pay your web designer to do! Find out More

Featured Listings - Get maximum value & exposure! View an Example

We also offer Featured Listings which display far more information about your company including your logo, telephone number and postal address, and appear at the very top of each page above Standard Listings. Feaured Listings naturally attract a higher levels of referral visitors than Standard Listings. Find out More