Advertise your company on the UK B2B Business Directory

You can advertise your company in one of three ways on the UK B2B Directory depending on the level of exposure that you require and of course your budget. Why should I list my company on the B2B Directory?

1. Standard Listings - FREE or £19.99+VAT pa for our PLUS+ Service

Limited time introductory offer - only 19.99 per annum for our Standard PLUS+ Service

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Most of the listings found on our website are Standard Listings. By paying for our Standard PLUS+ service we guarantee that your business listing will be added to our website within 7 days and you don't need to link back to us from your own web site. Standard Listings are always positioned below Featured Listings

Standard and Standard PLUS+ Listings include:

  • Your company name
  • Up to 35 words of information
  • A text hyperlink to your website

If you'd like to list your company on several pages or list multiple companies, we offer sizable discounts on bulk listing packages. Please contact us for details.

With FREE Standard Listings you MUST link back to the B2B Directory using the HTML code displayed when you create your listing. Due to the huge number of free listing requests we receive, these listings can take up to 6 months to appear on the site.

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2. Featured Listings - £34.99+VAT pa - NEW LOW PRICE!

Get maximum value and exposure - Featured Listings are just 34.99 per annum

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Featured listings appear at the top of the page and always above Standard Listings offering your business maximum value and a high level of exposure. You're not required to link back to us and we guarantee to add your business listing to our website within 7 days.

Featured Listings include:

  • Your company name
  • Postal address and telephone number
  • Company logo (we take this from your website and resize as required)
  • Text hyperlink to your website
  • A 35 word description
  • 4 bullet points to highlight your company's specialities, strengths or USPs. These may also be hyperlinked to different pages on your web site
  • A large 'visit website' button to encourage click throughs

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3. Banner Advertising - POA

There are 4 styles of banner adverts on the UK B2B Directory. Each varies in price depending on how many pages you wish to appear on and whether or not you require exclusivity i.e. only your banner will appear. If required, our designers will be happy to create a bespoke banner advert tailored to your needs.

1. Traditional Banner - 468 x 60px - appears in the top border of the website,to the right of our logo
2. Skyscraper Banner - 160 x 600px - appears on the left hand side of each page
3. Leaderboard Banner - 728 x 90px - appears at the very top of each category page
4. Homepage Mini Banner - 160 x 180px (approx) - appears on the left hand side of our homepage

*Contact us if you are intersted in banner advertising

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*Society (241)

Baby Products, Children, Dating, Jobs, Health & Beauty, Men, Nursing Homes, Weddings, Women


*Travel & Tourism (178)

Accommodation, Bed & Breakfast, Flights, Holidays, Hotels, London